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Checking out Chongqing

A city of you are going to fall in love with.. Chongqing is a truly fascinating city and one that is well worth checking out at some point in your life – even if you never get the chance to live there. The city can be broken down into what is the city proper and the greater municipality of Chongqing. The urban area is actually quite small by comparison and has a population of around 9 million, whereas the municipality which was created by cutting it out of Sichuan back in 1997 has a population of around 32 million...

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Life in China

Getting used to your new life in China maybe taking some getting used to at the beginning, but given time, you will settle in. Trust me, I felt like crying during my first two weeks, but once I had adjusted, things did get easier despite the massive switch from the UK to Beijing. Culture Chinese culture is fairly rigid and probably one of the hardest things to adjust to as a foreigner. People don’t tend to say please and thank you as much as in other countries and you will definitely notice the difference when you get here. Beer...

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What is a Self-intro video and why do I need one?

A self-intro video or ziwo jieshao  自我介绍视频 in Chinese, is a way for you to sell yourself to prospective employers in China. It has become increasingly popular these days amongst Chinese recruiters due to the rise of smart phones and the fact pretty much everyone is walking around with a 4k video recorder in their pocket. You pretty much cannot get a job from outside of China in 2020 without having first recorded a self-intro video. Even before you go for a face-to-face interview in China, you may get asked for this video – that’s how important it has...

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