What is Wetransfer?

Wetransfer is a freemium platform for uploading large files and so makes it perfect for you to send us something like a self-intro video. On Wetransfer, you are able to upload multiple files at the same time. They also give you 2gb per upload for free, making it even better.

You can go to Wetransfer by clicking here, then just follow the gif below which shows you how to obtain a link that you can submit with your application. To upload your files to Wetransfer, all you need to do is drag and drop them into your browser and then start the transfer process to their servers. Once you have got your link from Wetransfer, go back to the main application page and copy and paste it in the box at the bottom of the main application page.


What should I do if my files are taking too long to upload to Wetransfer?

If you are on a slow connection or you have somehow exceeded 2gb when you took your video (you probably need to think about making it shorter if that’s the case), then you might need to first of all compress your file. Fortunately, there is a great app for doing this called Panda Video Compressor which you can download via Google Play or on the App store. Alternatively, just click here to download it.

Here’s what to do on Panda Video Compressor:


Now that the file size has been reduced significantly, you just need to save it to your device and then upload it to Wetransfer and do as stated above.

Did it work?

We sincerely hope that this advice has helped. Unfortunately, all Chinese recruiters require a self-intro video these days and there is no way around it. If you follow the tips in this guide, then you should be able to get your video to us. If this guide didn’t work, then please contact us through our main contact page here and we will guide you through the process. Whatever you do, don’t lose hope! Good luck!